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Our Lady of Lourdes Guild

Our Lady of Lourdes Guild

Women of all ages are invited to join the Guild. Get involved in our church—meet and network with other women, share and support each other. Dues are low ($5 per year, $25 for lifetime!) — rewards are great! Meetings are 3rd Mondays, September through May. Events and activities are throughout the year. Come as often as you can; help whenever and wherever you are able!

Download the Our Lady of Lourdes Guild Flyer!

It is not too early to be thinking about our Christmas Bazaar (November 3rd & 4th). We again are looking for any parishioners who are willing to knit, sew, crochet, needle work etc. for our Handicraft Table or perhaps make Christmas Ornaments or decorations for our Christmas Table. We certainly would appreciate and thank you for any help you may be able to give us.

Some items we need are wide mouth canning jars with lids - pint size; adult & baby afghans; kid’s slippers; hats, scarves, mittens for adults or children or any other items.

One last request - would anyone be willing to do embroidery work?

If you have any questions, please contact Annette Norman (860) 464-8519 or Sandy Friess (860) 464-7341.

If you would like to make new friends, provide resources for our parish, the community and the Diocese, please call Lori Baron at 860.464.1517.

2017-2018 Officers

President: Pamela Lynch
Vice President: Barbara Souder
Treasurer: Kathy Capon
Recording Secretary: Maria Hargus
Corresponding Secretary:Norma Sokolski
Historian: Lori Baron

Annual Activities

  • Senior Center Luncheons (twice a year)
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Celebration of Our Lady's Feast Day
  • Mother's Day Plant Sale
  • Lenten Stations of the Cross
  • "Teacup" Social
  • Installation Mass and Dinner

Other Church Functions

  • Altar Linens
  • Friday Church Cleaning
  • Friday Morning Adoration Hour
  • Religious Articles Sales
  • Rosary
  • May crowning of Mary on the patio
  • Mass for deceased members
  • Funeral Receptions

Committee Chairs

Adoration: Lori Baron
Advertising & Signs: Anna Cardinali
Altar Flowers: Glenda Obrero, Elizabeth Collantes, Margie Velasquez
Altar Linens: Florence Sammataro, Elizabeth Tuazon
Badge Drawing: Lori Baron
Coordinator: Pam Lynch, Lori Baron
Decorations: Team Tuazon
Bake Sale: Norma Sokolski, Anna Cardinali
Christmas Decorations: Sandy Freiss
Handicrafts: Annette Norman
Jewelry: Mary Lou Heard 
Luncheon: Maria Lavin, Lori Merlo
Servers: Girl ScoutsCleaning Crew: Grace Harvey            
Cookie Sale: TBD
Feast of Our Lady: Lori Baron, Elizabeth Collantes                  
Funerals: Mary Duzy, Nan Ormeno
Gardens: Elizabeth Tuazon, Nity Oris, Elizabeth Collantes
Installation: Pam Lynch, Barbara Souder    
Layette: Barbara Souder, Mary Duzy, Kathy Capon          
Lenten Soup/Stations: Lori Baron, Marcelle Baron
Mass for Deceased Members: Pam Lynch, Barbara Souder
May Crowning: Pam Lynch, Mary Duzy                              
Membership: Lori Baron     
Military Whist: Sandy Friess
Newsletter: TBD
Nominations: Lori Baron         
Notices: Elizabeth Collantes, Barbara Souder
Plant Sale: Elizabeth Tuazon, GlendaObrero, Anna Cardinali, Mary Lou Heard
Publicity: Elizabeth Collantes, Barbara Souder
Refreshments: Lori Baron
Religious Articles: Mary Duzy, Diane Legy
Retreat: Sandy Freiss                                 
Rosary:  Barbara Souder, Mary Duzy       
Senior Luncheon: Lori Baron, Marcelle Baron
Soup Kitchen: Barbara Souder, Mary Duzy
Teacup Social: Annette Norman 
Telephone Tree: Pam Lynch, Mary Duzy/Lori Baron    
Toys for charity: Mary Duzy, Barbara Souder/Kathy Capon   
Work Shop: Sandy Friess, Annette Norman