Parish Advisory Committees


The parish corporation holds legal title to the church properties.  The Corporate officers are made up by two lay members (Trustees), the current pastor (Treasurer & Secretary), the Vicar General (Vice President), and the Bishop (President).

President:  Most Reverend Michael R. Cote, D.D. 
Vice President:  Very Reverend Leszek T. Janik, J.C.L., V.G. 
Secretary & Treasurer: Very Reverend Brian J. Converse, Pastor 
Trustee:  Maureen F. McAvoy CAPT, NC, USN(Ret) 
Trustee:  Adam Mansfield

Parish Advisory Council

Members at large: 
Lori Baron
Rosalie Hall 
Deacon William McGann
Tom Harvey
Anna McCance
Sheila O'Donnell
Mary Quinn
Craig Schantz (Corresponding Sec)
Lou Tedeschi
Sheila Vincent 

Ex-officio Members - Clergy
Fr. Brian Converse
Deacon Bill McGann

Ex-officio Members - Trustees
Janet Hargrave
Adam Mansfield

Parish Finance Council 

Meets quarterly and includes 4 members and 2 Trustees.

Appointed Members
Mr. Thomas Downie
Mr. Michael Lynch
Mr. Craig Schantz
Deacon William McGann

Mrs. Janet Hargrave
Mr. Greg Morea

Property Management Committee

The Property Management Committee aids the Parish staff with difficulties of a physical nature which may arise within the church property, maintenance, planning of the church buildings and the grounds. We meet as needed throughout the year. Anyone may attend, due to at most once a month meeting, your comments/questions will be answered quicker if submitted in writing. Anyone with experience in building management or related skills would be welcome to join the committee.